First Some Questions...

      Who Should Have a Website?

      Anyone, whether you are a Grandmother and want to show off your new Condo or your beautiful grandkids; a Dentist who needs a business Website to let people know how to find you; or a Corporate Executive who decides it's time your business enters the Real World.  The "WHO" is the visionary.

      What Kind of Website Do I Need?

      Your needs dictate the sort of Website you should have.  At BackStreet Design, we offer three standard types of Websites:   Basic, Intermediate or Custom.  The Grandmother would want a Basic site.  The Dentist would want an Intermediate site.  The Corporate Executive... a Custom site.

      How Do I Get MY Website On the Internet?

      Before you can publish a Website, you need "web space" on the Internet.  There are hosts, such as Geocities®, that will offer you "free" web space.  This might be an option for you but these "free" Websites will require the addition of their advertising on your pages.  As they say, nothing is really free.  If you do not want to look at someone else's banner ads and such on YOUR own, personal website, then you should look for an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  There are ISPs in your area which can provide you with a dial-up account, web space and Internet access for a modest monthly fee.  To find an ISP that suits you, go to a search engine, such as Yahoo, Excite, etc., and type in ISP. Be careful, though. There are hundreds of ISPs out there and their prices - for the same or similar services - can vary widely!

      What is a Domain Name?

      Simply put, a Domain Name is the registered name of your website.  If your Website is for a business, you may find that you want your own Domain Name.  To see what names are available and what costs are involved, go to: NETWORK SOLUTIONS and click onto "WHOIS Lookup" at the top of the page.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A DOMAIN NAME TO HAVE A WEBSITE!!

      How Long Before MY Website Will Be On the Internet?

      This could take as little as a few days for a Basic site to as long as several months for a Custom site, with many pages, graphics and a complicated structure.  At BackStreet Designs you can be assured that you will recieve personal attention.  Our GOAL is to give you a Website you can be proud of!

      How Do I Begin?

      Simply fill in the form on the "Contact Us" page of this Website.  First, though, try to have an idea of what you want on your Website.  This will help us in determining the type of Website you need, the amount of time it will take to create, and the cost to you.  You will find a list of our pricing structure below.  Once your request is received, we will email you with a quote, or contact you with questions.  The site will then be designed and uploaded to our own server for you to review.  When you are completely satisfied with the design, the site will be uploaded to your server.

      Now For The Pricing

      Our Basic Package

      A Basic Package consists of 1 to 4 pages with text and a moderate number of existing images or photographs. The coordinating graphics (background, buttons, etc) are built into the cost of the site.  Normally a Basic Package will take a week or less to develop.  The cost will range from $150 to $500 depending on content.

      Our Intermediate Package

      An Intermediate Package consists of 4 to 10 pages and includes the text, images, and coordinating graphics.;  Prices range from $500 to $1,250.  This does not include a shopping cart or complex scripts which may be quoted separately.

      Our Custom Package

      The Custom Package is a corporate site which requires more interactivity within the site and begin at $1,250 depending on the size and complexity of the design.  Shopping cart, search capabilities, and database scripting are priced separately.

      Customized Images and Graphics

      BackStreet Designs can also create customized graphics for your existing Website.   Headers, buttons, backgrounds, bars, animated graphics, photographic treatments and logo design are included in this category.  Charges for custom graphics - $50/hour and up depending on complexity and the level of expertise required.

      Custom Programming

      Items requiring "mouse-over" Effects, Complex Forms and special Scripting are priced at $50/hour and up depending on complexity and the level of expertise required.

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